CITRUS’s main focus is the development of a companion app for truck drivers which allows for enhanced road safety and improved vehicle and logistics efficiency.

Services are deployed in the companion app based on a cellular C-ITS approach in combination with geo-fencing broadcast technologies. The smart use of existing, mature cellular communication technologies will allow for cost-effective and high-quality services.

With CITRUS’s companion app, the project team aims to demonstrate that this approach works and is the most pragmatic way towards rapid deployment. It avoids a continuous roll-out of dedicated and costly roadside infrastructure enabling purely ITS-G5 based solutions. Furthermore the proposed ‘companion’ is being seen as a natural evolution of current on-board ITS services.

A major goal of this pilot deployment therefore consists of the validation of the set ecosystem enabling a plethora of valuable C-ITS use cases using modern cellular networks and geo-messaging cloud services. The planned actions will lay the foundation of a large scale roll-out and uptake of C-ITS applications in Belgium and Europe.

Expected impact

CITRUS wants to provide a substantial impact on network safety and efficiency.

Road safety is an important factor in the daily operation of heavy vehicles. Both heavy vehicle operators and administrations carry a large responsibility to enable a safe use of heavy vehicles in an ever-changing mobility context. CITRUS believes that the constant call for new and improved road safety-enhancing technologies and measures can be supported by embracing improved C-ITS.

CITRUS wants to increase awareness at different levels on the benefits of C-ITS and its long-term importance to efficient network operations. This will likely lead to the increased utilisation of C-ITS throughout national networks, resulting in the cohesion and minimum service coverage of the total European transport network also including urban streets and rural roads. Hence, the impact of action is anticipated to have a major multiplicator effect from various perspectives.