Test region

For most of the C-ITS services related to safety and efficiency, the initial roll out concentrates on the core (motorway) network in Flanders. In particular, motorways E17, E19, E34, E40 and E411, and ring roads R0 +R1 will be used for the roll out. These motorways are the main national and international transport arteries in Flanders. They cover a major proportion of motorway congestions, roadworks and safety related incidents which are reported.

The GLOSA-related Service (Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory) will be studied, tested and operated on the N203a. The N203a is a semi-motorway connecting the R0 surrounding Brussels with the E429, connecting Brussels with the French boarder. The use of this road for a GLOSA-related service is very interesting. The Halle area harbors major Distribution Centers (DC) of project partner Colruyt. Over a 1000 daily transfers, which use the N203a, between depots and local retail supermarkets are expected allowing for a proper analysis of the impact of a GLOSA-related service.

In addition, the N203a serves as a major thoroughfare for heavy traffic from Brussels to the French border and vice verso. This roads runs through the conurbation area of Halle, a suburban area around Brussels that is characterized by a high human population density, mixed between industrial and commercial zones. As a result, the N203a in particular suffers from numerous ‘residential’ traffic crossings and significant freight flows. Despite previous attempts to improve traffic flow, the situation on the N203a remains problematic with daily traffic jams and a high frequency of traffic accidents.

If proven successful the GLOSA- technology developed also would be deployed on the N31 (core network) where a few remaining intersections cause delays and fuel-consuming stop& go operations for HGV approaching or leaving the maritime Port of Zeebrugge.

Subject to successful piloting, the Road Agency plans to investigate the wider roll-out of the approach on critical sections of the (urban) network and in particular the conurbation zones of Gent (R4, Port off Gent) and Antwerp (core urban node – e.g. A12 still equipped with traffic lights on numerous intersections).


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